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. Life Insurance .

Dale Insurance offers competitive life insurance and can help you determine a strategy for your life insurance needs. 

Term Life -  Low cost Life Insurance designed to provide coverage against premature death for fixed periods of time, typically 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years.  It does not build cash value or equity.  Can be purchased with Return of Premium.

Permanent Life - Designed to provide life insurance throughout the lifespan of the insured.  These plans usually (but not always) build equity in the form of cash values.  Types and uses of permanent insurance include:

  1. Whole Life - Permanent Insurance with full guarantees of premium, cash value, and death benefit.  Builds Cash Value.
  2. Universal Life - Permanent Insurance designed to be flexible.  Builds Cash Value.
  3. Universal Life with No Lapse Guarantees (NLG) - Low cost permanent insurance.  Does not build cash value.  Focus is on providing a death benefit.  Sometimes referred to as "permanent term" insurance.
  4. Final Expense - purchased with limits designed to cover funeral expense and pay off outstanding debts.
  5. Inheritiance - designed to provide an inheritance to others.
  6. Gifts - designed to provide gifts to others such as ministries, foundations, etc.

I enjoy having an actual person to speak with and who goes to the trouble of making sure I get the best coverage and the best rates for my budget. And the people explain my policy to me in simple english without making me feel inferior.
James Roberts
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